Prologue: Kurt’s Daily Life

I want to be the best pastry chef in the world. That is my dream. Even if I die, this wish will never change.

Or so I thought… but I could never guess that my dream is still the same even after being reborn.

I died, then I was reborn as the son of a poor family in other world. However, even now I’m still aiming to become a pastry chef.

Under the showering morning sunshine, I wield a spear in an open space.

Stab, stab, I put precise intention in each move. My flowing strength and breath, I polish myself, scraping off the useless elements from each stab.
I’m always training like sharpening blades. I’m doing simply nothing but polishing myself continuously to become sharper, more flexible. Spear-training is the destiny of those born in Arnold family.

“Kurt-sama! I bring you the morning breakfast.”

Around the time when I settled down, a lone girl came approaching. She’s my personal servant, a girl with characteristical silver hair and kitsune ears in the same color. I’ve always unconsciously thought of her as a child, but recently, she gradually becomes more like a woman, which startles me.

“Thank you. You’re a great help, Tina.”

I take out a sandwich from the picnic basket that Tina brings. The sandwich is a simple dish made from rye oat breads and cheese inside, but I can taste the attentiveness to details. It’s delicious. To finish up a casual dish as a delicacy is the hardest thing to do.

At the exact time I felt thirsty, Tina already took out a water container, pouring tea to a wooden cup. The cool tea eased up my heated body comfortably.

“Yes, today’s food is just as pleasant as usual. Thanks to Tina’s meal, I can always do my best.”

I rustle her hair. The sensation from her silky hair and kitsune ears is truly pleasant.

“Hmph, Kurt-sama! You’re treating me like a child again!”

“But you’re still a child, right?”

“Beastman race becomes adult really fast!”

I’m 15 years old, Tina is 13. Just as she said, beastman race grows up really fast. That’s why even though she’s just 13, her own charms have become apparent already.

“Because I know you since you were so small, I can’t help but treat you like a child all the time.”

She wasn’t even 10 when I met her, merely a child at that time. Things happened, now it’s already three years since I picked her up and brought her to my house. The thought of her growing up into this beautiful girl never passed my mind back then.

“Well then, shall we go? Everyone is waiting.”

“Ah, Kurt-sama, please wait for me!”

As I walk away in quick steps, Tina follows me in a hurry.

Let’s work hard today as well.

I’m Kurt Arnold, the eldest son in Baron house of Arnold. Arnold family serves as a vassal to Federal empire.

The territory of Arnold barony encompasses a vast land in the northernmost border of Federal empire, but there’s a wide mountain range of backward region beyond. While Arnolt family protects Federal empire from monsters and enemies from north, this fief’s livelihood comes from land reclamation and increasing harvest quantity.

The population amounts to approximately 500 people, spreading in five villages. Being entrusted with the newest pioneering village, I’m leading around 50 settlers to advance in land reclamation.

Last year, the first stage of the reclamation was finally done, as we crossed a field which could yield agricultural products. Growing wheat is the duty allocated to women and children.

Right now, I’ve arrived at the destination. This land is still a mess. Weeds are popping up everywhere, while rocks are rolling around. We’ve cut down the trees, but there are tree stumps all over the place. We’re turning this into a farming field.

Muscular men have already gathered to start working. These are the people of my fief of whom I’m really fond.

“Oh, Young Master. You’ve arrived!”

“Young Master, we’re saved! There’s an annoying stump that we can’t pull out at all!”

“No, an injured person is more urgent! Please excuse me, Kurt-sama. That Abel has his arm nearly done over, would you please take a look at it?”

These people rushes over in ragged breath as soon as my figure is visible to them.
This is the front line of our reclamation duty. In the already reclaimed land, the women and children grow provisions, while the men work to clear up more plots of land. I listen to each and every one of them, then put the tasks in a priority list.

“That tree stump is impossible for anyone else, so can you tie a rope around it? I’ll be aiding the injured person for the time being.”

“Young Master, I’ll leave to you!”

“As expected, Young Master is really dependable.”

The men who are proud of their strength are praising me one by one, leaving the stubborn tree stump to me. This slender, 15 years old me. There’s a secret to that.

“So, where’s the injured person?”

“He’s resting in a shade of tree over there.”

“Let’s hurry.”

I follow one of the workers approaching a youth who leans on the trunk of a big tree. He’s pressing down a piece of cloth, which is stained by blood.

“Are you alright, Abel?”

“Kurt-sama, forgive me for being a burden. I think there’s hematoma.”

“It’s alright. Injuries will always be a part of the job. Show me the wound.”

Abel pulls off the cloth he pressed on his arm before, confirming the wound. It’s deeper than I imagined.

“It seems like it must be stitched. I’ll stitch the wound.”

“I’m really sorry to trouble you…”

I open the first aid box that I’ve prepared before. First, I let him chew on a hygienic piece of cloth so he won’t bite his tongue. Then, I wash over the wound surface by a strong alcohol. I stitch the wound with a needle, then roll the bandage around it until it’s completely wrapped.

“Abel, it’s alright to come back home today. Until the wound is closed, take a 3-day rest. Don’t do any physical job, or your wound will reopen. After about a week, I’ll remove the thread and re-examine it.”

“I’m indebted to you, Kurt-sama.” Abel bows his head down.

I was aware that people around me were staring at my hands in deep interest, as stitching wounds was something truly rare. At the same time I finish the deed, everyone opens their mouths simultaneously.

“That’s really skillful. The wound is deep, but he can stop the bleeding in a short time.”

“Young master is amazing. He gives appropriate instructions on the reclamation project and shows deep knowledge in medical treatment!”

“From the tax gathered from everyone, we can eat proper meal. Doing my job to this extent is a natural thing to do.” With blushing cheeks, I speak modestly.

Since it’s considerably dangerous, doctors won’t come to this kind of remote region. Even so, there are many people who are wounded on-site or due to their works. I’m doing self-studies so that I can become everyone’s strength, even just for a little. If I can be useful then I’ll do it proudly.

“Young Master, you are the only one who can say that, you know? The others, they can only squeeze and squeeze us to give them taxes without doing anything.”

“Yet Young Master cannot inherit the title of the next Feudal Lord, huh?”

“Hey, you!”

The words that some people murmured in passing are being rebuked by the others. And the people who said they wanted me to succeed closed their mouths as soon as they said it.
I laughed bitterly. …Most likely, my younger brother will succeed Arnold barony instead of me. I have a crucial flaw and I can’t reach it with my own power. The reason why the last serf warned against it must be this. However, I haven’t given up.

“Don’t mind it. I’m the one who understands it the most.”

“But, Young master.”

“Don’t speak further. More importantly, let’s continue our job.”

They show a bad attitude, then on the other hand, they feel bad about it. The air is tense. To neutralize the situation, we head over to the problematic tree stump. A rope is properly tied all over it.

I slowly close my eyes, circulating my mana. …Mana, that is the magic power of the chosen ones. By simply letting it circulate, a man can strengthen his physical abilities or increase his self-healing power.

Among the chosen ones, it seems a few of them will tell the others that they can use magic. However, regretfully, I couldn’t reach that mental state yet.

Confirming that the mana has reached the necessary level, I take the rope in my hand, then pull it forcefully. I can feel a strong resistance, but I can still increase my strength as well.

Finally, the tree gives out. There are loud echoing rounds of applause from my surrounding. I laugh proudly, and they respond to it.

Today’s reclamation is doing fine as well.

Translator’s Note:

Yes, the name of the empire is Federal. (lol) Talk about confusing.

Edit: For some unknown reason, I didn’t really translate kitsune. It means fox by the way. Hopefully you’ll get used to that since it’s mentioned a lot… Sorry for the mishap.

The author only gave one term: “ryoumin”. It is literally “fief’s people”. To be politically(?) correct, I think it should be “serfs”. But it’s just unnatural to have in casual sentences, so I’ve been using “serfs”, “people”, “villagers”, and “worker” interchangeably. I’ll also do so in the future chapters. Another suggestion would be “settler”, so I’ll use that when it fits.

Feedbacks are certainly appreciated, especially if you give a rating in NU~

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      • I waited 1 year for “fivestarspecialists” to retranslate totally Xian Ni (chapter 1-179) before re-reading it and i’m still waiting, so i can wait but if i really can’t.. i’ll just read it! x)
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      • Thanks for the stars, and lmao, you can always opt the other way.

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        Thank you for the translations by the way 🙂


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