Chapter 19: The Selection Ceremony

Editor: King of the End

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I set out from the village early in the morning. This time, I’m bringing a lot of ingredients and a lot of people, so I use a horse cart. There will be around ten people attending the festival after the selection ceremony, so we all ride the horse cart together.

As we exit to the main road, there are villagers gathering around the end of the main road ahead. There are a lot of people, seems like almost the whole village is there. Just what could possibly have happened? While thinking that way, I cross over with the carriage. In that moment…

“Young Master, you must win!”

“Kurt-sama, you definitely can’t lose!”

“If it’s Kurt-sama, you’re gonna win, I know it!”

“We’re expecting some souvenirs, next family head!”

The words of encouragement are rapidly thrown in my direction. They become a powerful voice. Then, the feeling that rides upon those words, I can tell that this cheering come from the depth of their hearts.

“Thank you, everyone…”

I tear up a little bit. I’m so happy.

“Kurt-sama is loved.”

“It seems so. They’re such wonderful people who are almost wasted on me.”

I fell in love with this village again. The cheering from the villagers kept going on until our horse cart is no longer within their sight.


Arriving at the main village, the villagers climb down, leaving Tina and I alone inside the carriage to go to the main village’s warehouse. Since early in the morning, the horse carts from each village have already lined up there. For the sake of today’s festival, they have prepared as many offerings as possible to put on airs.

In a sense, it appeals as to how powerful the assets of our villages are and how loyal we are to the main village. My father and his servants are promptly handling the row until it’s my turn.

“Father, I’ve come with the offerings.”

“Thank you for your effort.”

Father inspects the deer meat that I brought. The corner of his lips slightly twitch upward.

“Hm, such a splendid deer. It’s quite a treat.”

“I was thinking that it should be enjoyed in today’s festival.”

I give a business-like greeting. If I show even a little bit of emotion here, seems like a lot of things will overflow. Since the business is taken care of, I retreat. I shouldn’t overstay.


Father calls me to a halt. When I turn around, Father visibly hesitates for a moment before opening his mouth.

“After the selection ceremony, no matter if you win or lose, come to my room. There’s something I want to talk about with you alone.”

Father looks small. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him like this.

“I understand. Father, I won’t fail to visit after the selection ceremony.”

“Thank you, Kurt.” Father murmurs apologetically.

I don’t like seeing him like that, so I change the topic. “……I also have a request, if I may speak about it.”

I almost forget an important matter. After I become the feudal lord, there is a crucial rite to make people understand where I will lead this territory to. It is important to have my father’s approval to prepare it.

“What is it?”

“After the selection ceremony, no matter if I win or lose, please lend me the mansion’s kitchen. I wish to make pastries as a treat in the festival.”

When I said that, my father made a befuddled expression.

“Treating with pastries?”

“Yes. It’s something more important to me than anything. Also, it will convey my thoughts to everyone better than a thousand words.”

Father still looks puzzled, but he allows the usage of the kitchen. This is enough for now. He will understand my real intention at the festival.


The selection ceremony is held in the central square of the main village. Together with Tina, I arrive before it commences.

A dedicated ring has been erected. The ring is one level higher than the ground. A stadium for the audience has been prepared around it. The feudal lord candidates must wield the spear and prove that they are worthy of becoming the feudal lord under the watch of the people of the Arnold family.

There’s still time, so no one else has come yet. There’s only me and Tina.


Tina grabs my hand tightly. I didn’t realize that she had been holding my hand. My hand is trembling.

“…….How strange. I know that I won’t lose, but I still feel nervous.”

I have my Sword Ability III and the martial arts that will showcase that. It’s actually harder for me to lose even if I wanted to. But, even so, I can’t erase the anxiety in my heart.

I haven’t won against Jörg even once. That experience casts fear in me. It’s illogical.

Seeing me like this, Tina smiles. “Kurt-sama, can you squat down for a moment?”

“I don’t mind.”

When I squat down as Tina told me to, she wraps her arms around my head, burying me in her chest. Tina’s warmth and softness and sweet fragrance. I can hear her heartbeat too.

“Whenever I really feel painful, or anxious, my mother will do this to me. When she does, I can calm down. Kurt-sama, how is it? Are you still scared?”

I close my eyes. Tina’s very existence pleases my heart.

When I realized, I no longer feel anxious or tense.

“I feel fine now. Thank you. That wasn’t like me at all, I’m really embarrassed.”

Being comforted by Tina who is younger makes me feel miserable as a man.

“It’s okay once in a while. I love Kurt-sama, including that side of you.”

I’m grateful that I met Tina. I sincerely think so. Released from Tina’s embrace, I stand up again. I’m no longer trembling.

The only thing left for me is to win.


After a short time, people are gathering. I see a familiar face among them.

“So you’re in this place, I’ve been looking for you.”

The one who greets me in friendly voice is Marquis Fernandes. Behind him, his attendant is following him while holding a big wooden box.

“I apologize for making you seek me, Marquis Fernandes.”

“Oh, it’s fine. I simply want to show this to you without wasting any second.”

Before the gaze of Marquis Fernandes, there’s the wooden box that his follower was holding. That is, most likely…

“Could it be, that is what I requested?”

“Correct, that is your requested item.”

His follower approaches me and opens the wooden box. Inside it, there is straw which holds eggs. I take one of the eggs. Well-shaped, without any shortcomings in the size. This egg is good.

“They are amazing.”

“Because this is a reward for you who has shown me something wondrous. I’ve prepared the very best kind. I’ve arranged the chickens that lay these eggs to arrive here tomorrow morning. It would be troublesome to hand over today, wouldn’t it?”

“I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

I cannot go out of the main village today. It’s a great help to have them tomorrow. It’s a pleasant consideration.

“In exchange, I’m urging you to make a wonderful pastry. Both Faruno and I are looking forward to it.”

“Could it be that Faruno-sama came here as well?”

As the third daughter of Marquis Fernandes, she came along to quench her curiosity of me at the inspection day. I didn’t think that she would go as far as coming to this selection ceremony as well.

“She did come, seeing that the result of today’s selection ceremony isn’t entirely unrelated to her.”

I listen to Marquis Fernandes’ words, then tilt my head. Marquis Fernandes only shows me a meaningful smile. In that moment, Father, my younger brother Jörg, Faruno, and their attendants arrive. When Jörg’s eyes meet mine, he looks away. Looks like he has an ugly awareness of me after that one incident.

On the other hand, Faruno runs up to us with sparkling eyes in an instant. “Aah, Father! It’s cunning of you to speak to Kurt-sama first, even though I had departed in haste!”

“Hey, you shouldn’t run. It’s very unladylike. Look at Kurt-kun, he’s so surprised that his eyes became round.”

“Ah, that, uhm, I’m sorry. I’m usually more ladylike, though?” Drooping her head, Faruno murmurs shyly.

“No, I do not mind it in the slightest.”

“I’m glad to hear that! Kurt-sama, you have to win in today’s selection ceremony! I will cheer you on.”

“Uh, yeah.”

I feel perplexed because I have no idea why Faruno would be rooting for me. I can feel someone’s prickling gaze. Jörg glares in this direction. Right now, I kinda pity him. Rooting for me means wishing for Jörg’s defeat.

“Faruno, with our position, it’s dangerous to root for either side. That could be taken as a Marquis’ will. Even as a reward, giving the eggs in a public space is probably not enough prudence on my part.” The Marquis warns Faruno.

His words are reasonable. Faruno’s current remark possesses quite a danger. In this place, there are leaders from other villages other than us. If they are to think that the Marquis endorses me, it might get unpleasant.

“I’m really sorry, Father.” Faruno apologizes for the second time.

“Marquis Fernandes, Faruno-sama, the only thing on my mind is to put forth my whole effort. Naturally, my younger brother Jörg is the same. The strongest, the most suitable candidate for the title will become the next feudal lord. As simple as that.” I give a follow up for Faruno.

Marquis Fernandes smiles thinly, noticing my intention.

“Just as you said, Kurt-kun. We do not intend to put the mouth for the succession of the Arnold baronetcy.” Albeit a little forced, Marquis Fernandes declares strongly.

It should be fine now. Afterwards, we give the proper greetings and separate with each other.


Finally, the selection ceremony’s time has come. Jörg and I face each other on the prepared stage.

“Brother, I can finally end you. What I’ll do after becoming the feudal lord, look forward to it.”

The surrounding spectators begin cheering. Father is going to appear anytime now, announcing the beginning of the selection ceremony, starting the duel. This battle will decide everything. The one who will become the feudal lord will decide if I can protect everything I have, or if they all will be taken away from me.

“If that were to happen, do as you like. If you can, that is.” I laugh fearlessly.

I no longer feel anxious. Tina has given me courage. The rest is just to win this.

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Translator’s Notes:
Changing Falnor’s name to Faruno! I haven’t thought that it could possibly mean something, but actually, it is! Great discovery, man, I’m a language enthusiast (self-proclaimed), so learning the existence of a language is always amazing. And, as expected of the pastry theme, Faruno means flour. 😉

Since they said that Esperanto is easy, I’m going to study it later, hohoho.

Anyway, I’m glad for the change of pace. It’s the human relationship that makes this a story rather than a narrative cookbook (lol).

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    1. “Brother, finally I could end you. What I’d do after becoming the feudal lord, look forward to it.”


      “Brother, finally I can end you. What I’ll do after becoming the feudal lord, look forward to it.”


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      1. It depends on Tina and Faruno.
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      2. It depends on Tina and Faruno.
        In nobility settings like this, it is not strange if ones have one or more wives and one or more concubines 😐


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