Chapter 15: A New Weapon and A Vow with Tina

Editor: King of the End

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“Tina, today’s sandwich is great. You don’t use fish often.”

“Yes, when we went to the main village, I exchanged some beef meat with smoked fish.”

“The salty fish works really well with the sauce.”

Tina’s sandwich is made by spreading butter on the bread, adding my finely sliced cabbage and the lean part of smoked fish, then smearing handmade sauce on it. The smoked fish is made by dipping it in water to make it soft at the same time with adding moderate amounts of salt in it. Its great flavor from the salting, and the salty-sweet sauce that Tina made from the leftover vegetable and the meat scraps stimulates the appetite.

“This sauce is more delicious than usual. Oh, you used honey, didn’t you?”

“When I ate the monjayaki that Kurt-sama made yesterday, I tried adding the sweetness to the sauce since it seemed like it would become more delicious. It’s a big hit.”

Salty-sweet sauce really fits the briny smoked fish.

“Will you make this again for me?”

“Absolutely, Kurt-sama!”

Tina smiles happily. Seeing that kind of Tina makes me feel that the meal is even more delicious. Our happy lunch time passes like this.


After lunch, I gripped my spear. From now on, the spear will be reborn into a new weapon. The earth magic could intervene with the ore. I’m going to change the shape of the iron.

“Answer me, earth spirit.”

The attribute magic uses the power that fills nature. By borrowing the power of the earth spirit,  I’m dealing with the spear. However…

“As I thought, I can’t do anything when the iron is like this, huh?”

It’s an earth attribute magic that I worked so hard to obtain, but as I thought, changing the shape of iron with the earth attribute magic that I memorized doesn’t seem possible for me. Processing metal is too soon for my current self. I need to provide the ability to temper with magic. This current power level honestly won’t do, as I expected.

“Kurt-sama, is it no good?”

“The iron is a little too solid. If I could make it softer, I probably could do something about it.”

“Softer… I could manage something, I think…”

Tina’s face looks enlightened.

“Kurt-sama, can you let me handle your precious spear? Perhaps it’ll turn out bad, but I think I have a method to make it softer.” Tina looks at me straight in the eyes while asking that.

This spear hasn’t been touched by anyone other than me up until now. But I don’t mind if it’s Tina. Moreover, even if she turns it into something unusable, she’s the only one that I would forgive.

“Either way, it’s no good in its current state. I’ll gamble on Tina.”

“Kurt-sama’s spear. I’ve received it.” Tina receives my spear with both hands, gripping tightly.

What could she possibly be doing? As I see her, I could feel the sudden influx of mana. Holding the handle with both hands, she closes her eyes.

“Kurt-sama’s spear will be heated up by my flame.”

A flame blows up, then it gets sucked into the spear. The iron tip becomes red hot. The air around it is warped. Tina’s flame heats the iron until it’s on the brink of melting.

The attribute magic is a magic that borrows the spirit’s power that fills the atmosphere. Tina is greatly loved by the fire spirits. Her power is tremendous even though she doesn’t have any Ability.

If the iron almost melts, my earth magic should be able to do something about it.

“Thanks, Tina.”

Not having flame attribute, I can’t do anything firsthand to the red hot spear. That’s why I put my hand above Tina’s hand.

“If the spear is already heated and softened by the flame, I can change the shape with my power. Really, Tina, you always manage to surprise me. I love you.”

“Kurt-sama, that, please stop saying something like that. I get too happy that I can’t muster any strength.”

I can’t see her face, but from behind her, I can see her nape blushing red.

“We’re going to begin. Tina, continue to heat it up with this current strength of your flame.”

“Yes, Kurt-sama!”

Borrowing the power of the earth spirits, I’m working on the spear by using earth magic. As I do so, the red hot spear starts to move in twists and turns. I try to imagine a brand new shape. The spear starts changing shape following that image.

Moreover, I don’t just change the shape. I forge it under pressure, take out the impurities, give it sharpness and tenacity. Tina melts it with great effort. This opportunity improves its basic performance. The spear is reborn. It’s reborn together with me.

Hey, pal… Lend your strength to me from now on as well. I hope that we can keep advancing together without any compromise.

“Tina, it’s good now. Please slowly cool the spear down.”

The flame attribute magic is controlling the quantity of heat. It doesn’t only increase the temperature, it can also cool things down.

“Yes, Kurt-sama!”

Cooling the iron rapidly will damage it, so I ask her to be really careful. With cold sweat, Tina little by little takes away the heat.

Then, finally it’s completed. My new pal.

“Thank you, Tina. We made it. My new spear.”

That is Kurt-sama’s new spear…. Is it all right to use a spear, though?”

“Yes, I’m sure it’s all right. This is as much a spear as it it a sword. A weapon with two facets.”

Let’s try its practicality. I get in the ready pose with the new weapon, then I wield it. The spear is speeding up. This world’s irrational power, [Sword Ability]’s power is working to perfection.

I’m glad. It is recognized as a spear and a sword.

“Awesome, it’s the first time I’ve seen such a sharp blow. More than Kurt-sama ever has, more than Jörg-sama. …And even faster than Kurt-sama’s father that I saw once.”

“I think so too.”

The power of wielding a spear doesn’t display both the Ability’s Skill and my own martial skill as additions, but as multiplications. If I don’t have the Ability, there’s nothing I can do about it, but it’s not like the pure martial skill doesn’t have any meaning either. From the start, the sharper the technique used, the blow strengthened by the Ability would improve in strength and speed. The Sword Ability III’s acceleration on top of my ten years worth of training combined, they become like this.

“But, Kurt-sama said that Kurt-sama couldn’t win in the spear.”

“That’s why I made it this way. Even though it’s a spear, it’s also not.”

I show my newly reshaped spear in front of Tina.

“The blade is curved at the tip… This is a spear, yet it’s also a slashing weapon, isn’t it?”

“True, this is a naginata. Its other name is a glaive.”

The altered spear doesn’t become a sword. It’s a naginata.

It’s different than a spear as its tip is a blade just like a Japanese sword. In other words, the reach is long, it can pierce like a spear, and it can cut like a sword. Perhaps, it’s the most excellent weapon in a pool of similar weapons.

“It looks just like a spear, but it’s actually a sword, isn’t it?”

“To be accurate, it is both a sword and a spear. That’s why, I could utilize both the spear ability piling up until now and my newly awakened sword talent. It’s that kind of weapon.”

The shape has changed. My spear. But it still fits in my hands just like always. With this guy, there’s no need to start tempering a new sword ability from zero. It’s great how I could just add slashing movements to the spear routine I’ve been doing.

“With this, it’ll definitely be your win!”

“That’s true, I’ll definitely win.”

I have confidence in winning. With the irrational power that comes from Sword Ability, with the intense training I’ve done for the whole ten years, and wielding the weapon that could utilize them both, there’s no way I could lose.

“Ah, that’s right, Tina. Thanks. Tina is really the best.”

I hold and grasp Tina’s hand.

“Ku-kurt-sama.” Tina’s face become deep red as she becomes a little panicky.

“This naginata couldn’t be made without Tina. Thank you so much. Tina has helped me again, you are really my Goddess of Fortune.”

Whenever I was lost on my path, whenever I met a wall that I couldn’t surpass by myself, Tina never failed to help me. The fact that I could come this far almost makes me believe in occult things. I’ve really come to see Tina as my Goddess of Fortune, my fated person.

“Th-that’s too much, Kurt-sama. I just wish to become useful to Kurt-sama. Because Kurt-sama awakened my mana, I could use the flame. Even so, if this power can become useful for Kurt-sama, I will always, always use it for Kurt-sama’s sake.”

While looking flustered, Tina still answered strongly.

Always, huh? It sounds wonderful.

Right now, it’s my first made naginata, but next, I could make whisks, cake knives, and other necessary utensils to make various pastries.

“I’m happy that you said that. Tina. I also hope that I can always be with Tina.”

Tina becomes bashful, grasping back the hand I grasped her with. I didn’t say that because I only wanted to use her Flame Attribute Magic. I sincerely love this girl.

“I want to show you my gratitude, what do you want?”

Tina makes a thinking gesture. Then, she opens her mouth nervously, “Then, I wish for Kurt-sama’s pastry… A special pastry that’s only for me. A pastry that only Kurt-sama and I will know.”

I laugh bitterly. What a difficult wish.

A pastry for Tina’s sake only can’t be something superficial. It shows an image in my head, a pastry made of Tina’s image. A pastry that is silver-colored, warm, covered with layers of veils, and with a precious gem-like center. It’d better be that kind of pastry.

“I understand. I’ll make a pastry that’s only for Tina. With my whole power… no, even more than that. However, I want more time allowance. If I make a pastry that’s worthy of Tina, I need more time. The base that will show Tina’s image at a glance, I want to refine that pastry until I’m satisfied.”

Tina flashes a smile, akin to a flower blossoming.

“Yes, I’ll wait. Let alone ten years, I’ll even wait for twenty years!”

“No, I won’t let you wait that long, though. Right here and now, I promise you that I will make the best pastry in the world for Tina’s sake only.”

That is not something that I’ll do just because I have the recipe from Earth. No matter how long time passes, I will gift the greatest pastry, my unique recipe, just for Tina. I take out my pinky finger.

“Kurt-sama, you absolutely have to do it, you know?”

“Of course, I absolutely will do it.”

Looking deeply moved, Tina nods and entwines her pinky finger with mine. This is the seal to a vow in this world. We both laugh together and unwrap our fingers.

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Translator’s Notes: 

Yes, it’s naginata. I wonder if I should translate that into a halberd, but halberd looks more like axe on a pole, at least that’s how I imagine it. So… naginata it is. When Kurt introduces the name, he uses 薙刀, with 長刀 as the other name. Both called naginata, to the limit of my knowledge. Edit: So it’s glaive! Dunno why I didn’t think of it. Thanks, EvenOdds!

Also I wonder why in Japanese, quantity of heat can also be translated as calorie… Maybe Tina can also control calories in the food? (No, she can’t.)

Hope you enjoyed it~


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  1. The calorie was first defined by Nicolas Clément in 1824 as a unit of heat energy, and entered French and English dictionaries between 1841 and 1867. The word comes from Latin calor meaning “heat”.

    Because this

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  2. “Softer… I could manage something, I think…”

    Tina’s face looks enlightened.

    “Kurt-sama, can you let me handle your precious spear? Perhaps it’ll turn bad, but I think I have a method to make it softer.” Tina looks at me straight in the eyes while asking that.

    This spear hasn’t been touched by anyone other than me up until now. But I don’t mind if it’s Tina. Moreover, even if she turns it into something unusable, she’s the only one that I would forgive.

    “Either way, it’s no good in its current state. I’ll gamble on Tina.”

    “Kurt-sama’s spear. I’ve received it.” Tina receives my spear with both hands, gripping tight.

    This whole part.


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        1. Honestly? I’m not paying attention much. Reading Japanese is a headache, I only got 30-40% while skimming on them… If I want to read it comprehensively, might as well as translating it on the go, so I’m honestly still in the first volume right now. (Translating ch 20 as we speak.)

          Sometimes I spoil myself when there’s a development in the family though, eheh. Can’t help it when I find an interesting chapter title.

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        For the others you can understand they are sweet’s name or at least not someone’s name, but for this one and the fourth’, it has his family name and Tina’s name respectively.


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