Chapter 2: Uneasiness in the Guild

After walking for more than 30 minutes, she entered a town’s area. The town is fortified by a wall, and there are guardsmen in the town’s gate. However–

“Whoa! She wears a lion!”

Haruna wore clothes of a face up snarling lion. The watchmen had never seen such fashion before, so they saw her as a warrior.
“You must be a veteran warrior…”
“What a show of absolute confidence…”

“You’re exaggerating~ I do remember that one time when I chased a purse snatcher on bicycle, but I just managed to hit him around. He was half crying just by being chased by a bicycle, though. What a wimp.”

The watchmen didn’t understand anything about that story, but they understood that this person was dangerous anyway.
“Welcome, please come in. Or rather, we will escort you to the adventurer’s guild!”

“Oh my, are you escorting me? Thank you so much~”

Inside the guild, fierce-looking men gathered around, but even they were shaken by the sight.
“Why would she wear a lion’s face…?”
“Is she a woman warrior….?”
“But she doesn’t have any weapons on her…”
“A man who hunts a panther will keep its fur. Is it something like that…?”

Clothes with lions were considered ominous in their culture.

Usually, when a young woman enters the adventurer’s guild, there’ll be people who make vulgar comments. But now, no one acts like that.

“It’s stuffy inside… Hm… I should strip a layer…”
Underneath the lion clothes, she actually wore clothes depicting a panther.

“Are you serious?!”
“That woman is dangerous!”
“That’s a woman who hunts lions and wears them!”

“What’s this? Talking about a person who’s present, all of them are so uncivilized.”

Haruna went to the woman who worked as the information clerk.
“Hello, I want to ask a few questions.”
“Y-yes… how may I help you…?”
“Where’s the train station in this area?”

“Train station? Let’s see… from Honored Guest’s outfits, it seems that you’ve transmigrated from another world (tensei)…”
“I’ve never heard Tensei station before. Ah, there should be a train line from Tokyo called Kensei. Is this Nippori?”
“Or is this Ueno? Is there a panda in the zoo? Well, there’s more of them in Wakagawa though. Should they give one over here?”
“Ah, pardon me… There seems to be a lot of things you haven’t figured out. Please let me tell you about them!”

Since Haruna seemed to know nothing, Rufa the information clerk intended to teach her about various things. In a different room, Rufa explained a lot of matters of this world in simple, concise words.

“So there’s no takoyaki, (Hanshin) Tigers, or shops that sell pufferfish?”

“There’s none of those things… Excuse me, Haruna. It doesn’t seem like you have any relatives either, so I think you should live as an adventurer. Since you can beat orcs with bare hands, I think you have talent in this.”
“An adventurer? In other words, it would be good if I register here, no? It feels like you’re soliciting me.”
“But it’s hard to find a place who’ll hire someone without any relatives.”
“Well, that’s true. Well then, how much will it cost?

“It’ll be 2 silver coins. Though, it’s all right to do it once you’re able to pay for it.”
“I have gemstones, though.”
Haruna lined up the gemstones she took out from her bag.
“There’s quite a lot! These could amount to 50-60 gold coins, probably. Since you could convert them in the Guild, please use our service.”

“Then, I’ll pay for it afterwards~ By the way, it’s 2 silver coins, right?”
“That is correct.”
“Could you please lower it to one silver coin?”

For the time being, Haruna tried to haggle the price.

“Eh? That’ll put me in trouble!”
“It’s okay, it’s okay. We’re both girls~”
“I… understand… one silver coin…”

Rufa still couldn’t get over the fact that she was haggled. She was bewildered.

“If you call out ‘Open Status’, you’ll know your current level. Since no one else can see that, you could tell me the numbers. I’ll be able to offer you some advice then.”
“Then I’ll leave it you. Open Status!”

Lv. 84
SP: 638
MP: 457
ATK: 525
DEF: 487
AGI: 516
INT: 235
Modesty: 3
Boke: 739
Tsukkomi: 262
Magic: Fire Magic・Wind Magic (Rokko Northern Wind)・Healing Magic (Hotel Grand New Awaji)・Benishouga Tempura Magic・Umeda Dungeon-building Magic・Simple Dimension Manipulation (candy-like will come out from bag)
Other: Billiken’s Divine Protection: Poison Nullification・Paralyze Nullification. Anti-Titan: attacking against Titan will always be Critical Hit.

Haruna told her status to Rufa.
“What’s that Benishouga Tempura magic?!”
“I don’t understand it either. It must be some form of magic.”

Lately, there are a lot of street soba stalls in Tokyo which offer benishouga (pickled red ginger) tempura.

“No, putting that aside, don’t you think the dungeon-building magic afterwards is even weirder!? The only one who has that skill is the Demon King! No, rather, is that even supposed to be magic?”
“My, I did hear a lot of people complaining about how similar Umeda’s underground floor is to a dungeon.”
“And also, what’s with that Boke and Tsukkomi status? There’s nothing ordinary about that!”
“Oh my, but Rufa-chan, you’ve been doing tsukkomi properly, right? We can be orbited as a comic duo.”
“A, anyway… You’re really strong! Absurdly strong!”

“Anyhow, do you happen to know of a place where I can stay tonight?”
“Yes, I’ll tell you about that too. But, before that, let’s convert the gemstones.”
After converting the gemstones, she obtained 65 gold coins.
Somehow, it seemed like she could pay her living cost for a short while.

“Well, it should be all right to go to this place called dungeon tomorrow.”

Translator’s Notes:
Oh my GOD they have boke and tsukkomi level LMFAO. Nice. Reading LNs means you have a grasp of the meaning of these terms, but just google it if you don’t. (lol)

Is it the orc spanking that earns this auntie a 1 star in NU? And in this chapter, we have another peek on how an Osaka auntie looks/acts like~ lmfao.

Feedback and appreciation are always welcome~

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  1. That boke stat…is completely unsurprising. Thank goodness someone actually explained that she was in a different world, though… I could just see her wandering around looking for places that no longer existed… 🙄

    Also, that’s one hell of a modesty stat… 😓


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  3. Just found this after finding another story of the author being translated. Looks interesting so far, glad to see it’s not dropped. Hope to see more soon, but at your own pace.


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