The Wolf Lord’s Lady 17

Hey, everyone! This is a title that I picked up so suddenly because the previous chapter ended in such a cliffhanger. It’s one of the highest rated title in syosetu for tragedy (cruelty-depiction) and female MC filters. Hope you enjoy it!

17. The afterlife, of you and me

Read from the start (kudarajin) | Index (kudarajin)

Translating this means that Herscherik is pushed down in the schedule. It’s one of the two reasons why I dubbed this series as [secret] in my Progress status. The other one is that, if the previous translator is going to come back in a foreseeable future before I finish translating the rest of them, I won’t publish mine.

I’ve just started the finale but I really want to publish all the hard work… and the last is the longest one yet, numbering at 13,000+ characters in the source material! *cries* But it’ll come on Thursday, because I want to give you a new translation every day in this blog. Chapter 18-20 will take Tuesday to Thursday slots! (Monday is for Upstart Pastry Chef, so.)

As for Herscherik, it’ll probably come next Saturday, though if I can finish my current translated chapter sooner, I’ll publish it immediately as an apology, while aiming for a Saturday/Sunday regular release.

Now I’m blabbering like usual, lmao. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “The Wolf Lord’s Lady 17

  1. Thank you so much for completing this series!!! I fell in love with this work from start to finish. ❤
    I really hope the epilogues will bring more insight or just more fluff with Shirley and Kaid. They're both so endearing!


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